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Academic Development Department

Tasks and functions of the Department of Academic Development and Quality Assurance …

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    Preparing studies and setting the necessary plans for a comprehensive and continuous evaluation of the curricula and curricula in the various departments of the college, and working to develop them in a manner that ensures their conformity with scientific developments in the various fields of knowledge and to serve the plans and goals of development and community service.
    Preparing studies and setting the necessary plans for the process of evaluating the performance of faculty members and working to raise the level of their competence and provide them with the necessary skills and expertise in each of their fields of specialization.
    Preparing studies and setting the necessary plans to improve the quality of the educational process, and proposing the means and equipment to help achieve this.
    Establishing and developing academic relationships with various universities and community colleges, whether inside or outside the country, through exchanging studies, research, experiences, and professors, and holding seminars, workshops, conferences, and other forms of scientific cooperation.
    Preparing a basic database for faculty members in the college in coordination with other relevant departments, and issuing a directory for faculty members as well as a directory for studies and research of faculty members and renewing them annually.
    Any other tasks assigned to the department by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs.

The department is also the authority responsible for the constant supervision of the evaluation and development of the teaching and academic process to achieve the quality of education in the various departments of the Community College through:

    Evaluating study programs and plans to develop them in light of the criteria for evaluating the curricula.
    Evaluating the academic performance of the teaching staff members to improve and develop their performance.
    Knowing the reality of the available capabilities of resources and facilities, and setting a plan for developing them and providing them with shortages.
    Knowing the extent of the effective use of the available resources and facilities for the educational activity and setting an optimum vision for their use and increasing their effectiveness.
    Training in the use of the latest teaching technology and teaching aids.

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