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General Administration of Planning

The Planning Department is the administrative level responsible for preparing quarterly and annual plans, and preparing annual reports on them, as well as carrying out work within its area of ​​competence.
Tasks and functions:
The Planning Department undertakes the following tasks and functions:
1-Participate in defining the required administrative and technical works in coordination with the relevant departments in the university’s office and the colleges and their affiliated centers, taking into account the overall planning of the university and the extent to which those actions are compatible with the goals to be achieved.
2- Participate in drawing the admission policy in the university’s colleges and centers by translating the results of research and studies related to the needs of the workforce into qualifying and training needs.
3- Preparing the annual report on aspects of the activities and achievements of the college during the academic year and submitting it to the dean.
4- Submitting the periodic plans and reports on the department’s activity and its development prospects to the director.

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The Planning Department consists of the following two sections:
A- Executive Plans Section.
B- Department of Development Plans.

Department of executive plans:

The Executive Plans section is the administrative level responsible for preparing the annual report to implement the plans and analyzing the college’s internal and external environment.
The Executive Plans section handles the following tasks and powers:
1- Preparing the annual report to implement the plan according to the requirements of the ministries of planning, higher education and the civil service in all matters related to workforce planning in preparing studies related to this aspect of the workforce in various scientific fields.
2- Analyzing the internal and external environment of the university.
3- Defining alternatives by building a list of the right possibilities for the conduct of activities and choosing the best alternative to achieve the desired goals.
4- Implement the plan and determine who will be responsible for implementation.
5- Monitor the results to ensure that the plan is running as expected and make the necessary adjustments to it.

Department of Development Plans
The Department of Development Plans is the administrative level responsible for drawing plans, in terms of quantity and quality, to qualify and train university employees, including academics, administrators, and technicians.
The Development Plans section handles the following tasks and powers:
1- Drawing general, comprehensive and quantitative five-year plans to qualify and train university employees, including academics, administrators and technicians, in coordination with the General Administration of Academic Affairs and the General Administration of Administrative Affairs and Benefits.
2- Preparing and arranging for short internal specialized courses and expressing opinions on the external courses, all of which aim to deepen the perceptions and knowledge of the university’s members, including academics, administrators, technicians and students.
3- Participating in the workforce planning and estimating the needs of the university from individuals with specific skills and specializations in a future time period, identifying the best ways and resources to provide those needs, and determining the type of duties and terms of reference for each job, its location, and its relationship with business and other jobs.
4- Coordination with the Academic Affairs Prosecution regarding determining the needs of colleges and centers in the near and long term from the teaching and teaching staff members and technicians in the light of study plans.
5- Planning for admission to colleges and centers in light of the results of studies and contacts that are made regarding the needs of the workforce.

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