College regulation

Organizational list of the Sana'a Community College

Based on the fact that the college comes at the forefront of the basic pillars of nation building as the most important pillars of achieving scientific and technological progress and achieving political, economic and social goals, it was the beginning of the fifties of the twentieth century and after the achievement of the blessed Yemeni unity beginning to spread university education institutions in all governorates of the Republic of Yemen, and the community college One of the Yemeni technical colleges that was established according to Resolution No. (44) for the year 1993 AD, where it was opened on October 11, 1995 after the issuance of Republican Resolution No. (151) for the year 1995 AD regarding the appointment of the first president of this university.

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          During the past period that followed the establishment until the present time, the college cut important stages in the field of infrastructure and organizational. Therefore, the conditions of development that the community college is currently undergoing necessitates serious attention to translating laws, regulations and decisions related to technical education into clear regulations and regulations consistent with the aspirations of the Yemeni state in the field of education.

Introduction to the college

Student Guide

We hope that every student will read it carefully and attentively
Clear and precise answers give the student a lot of effort
Time is saved and many mistakes are made
And irregularities. But this will not make him aware of the need to know
And internalize the internal regulations of the study system
Examinations, scientific certificates and disciplinary procedures in
the college .