event and activities

Sana'a Community College

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Enent And Activities

BikeTour offers the most interactive activity you can experience in urban and natural surroundings. Find out how the real city comes alive when you are guided by the right person


يقيم طلاب كلية المجتمع صنعاء بالتعاون مع الملتقى الطلابي طبق خيري دعما ومبادرة لعمال النظافة وتوفير احتياجات لعمل حملة نظافة وتشجير داخل الكلية


The Vice Dean of the College reviewed the successes achieved by the College during the academic year 2018-2019

Discussion of the master thesis of the researcher Ahmed Al-Antari

In his thesis, the researcher reviewed the most important axes, the results the approval of ...

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