Dean’s message

My sons and daughters are community college students wishing to enroll. Peace, mercy and blessings of God:

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It is with great pleasure and pride that I am one of the employees of this great scientific edifice, and God has made it possible for me to join this leading institution – Community College / Sanaa, taking the covenant before God to lead it towards the Ala with determination, dedication and sincerity. So I take this opportunity to present to you the university’s website, through which you will learn a lot about the community college with its various departments and multiple specialties and it is our window to you to facilitate access to us and know a lot about our college and it is in continuous development, God Almighty will meet all your needs without the need to bother to travel and its costs.

The goal of the college is not only limited to the educational and research process, but also extends to establishing ethical communication values and building bridges with graduates in all fields. The college puts all its scientific, administrative and financial capabilities at the service of its children. I cannot fail in this field to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the construction and development of this site, hoping that God will achieve the goal for which he was set.

Dr. Nasr al-Maori​


زر الذهاب إلى الأعلى