Vision And Mission

Excellence at the national and Arab levels in education, learning, scientific research and community service in order to meet the needs of comprehensive development and achieve quality standards.

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The college is committed to achieving its vision and mission with the following values:
1) Perfection and Excellence: Performing all works with a high degree of quality and encouraging creativity, innovation, critical thinking and targeted initiatives.
2) Institutional loyalty: Pride in belonging to the university as a national institution, loyalty, sincerity, and dedication in the performance of tasks and love and appreciation of work.
3) Professionalism: commitment to professional ethics, efficiency in performance, effort, giving, discipline, self-development and continuous learning.
4) Integrity: Commitment to scientific honesty, credibility and intellectual property protection, and commitment to applying ethical principles in all areas.
5) Mutual Respect: Dealing with affection, accepting the other, preserving dignity, respecting the other opinion, and guaranteeing freedom of thought.
6) Equal Opportunities: Ensuring justice, equality and fair dealing with all, in accordance with the standards of competence and excellence.
7) Teamwork: Working with one team spirit, joining efforts, improving methods of communication, dialogue, and sharing in taking responsibility and exchanging experiences.
8) Transparency and accountability: Deal clearly and publicly in all actions with all beneficiaries, according to a clear mechanism for evaluation and accountability.
9) Moderation and Moderation: Integrity and commitment to mediate between extremism and absolute freedom in ideas, beliefs, practices and attitudes.
10) Cooperation and Partnership: Emphasis on community partnership, national and international cooperation relations, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of beneficiaries.


The Community College is a national college that seeks to provide distinguished higher education whose outputs contribute effectively to meeting the needs of comprehensive development and making the future of Yemen through achieving quality standards in academic programs, upgrading scientific research to produce and apply knowledge, providing a supportive environment, and building an effective national and international partnership.

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